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Wooden Chakra Ash Catchers (various colours)

Wooden Chakra Ash Catchers (various colours)

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Wooden Chakra Ash Catchers (various colours).

Chakra Balancing designs.

Green = Heart. Meanings: Awakening. Balancing. Exhilarating.

Red = Root. Meanings: Nurturing. Strengthening. Grounding. 

Turquoise = Throat. Meanings: Inspiring. Balancing. Clarifying.

Yellow = Solar Plexus. Meanings. Encouraging. Soothing. Calming.

Purple = Crown. Meanings: Enlightening. Meditative. Unifying.

Orange = Sacral. Meanings. Soothing. Sensual. Inspiring.

Blue = Third Eye. Meanings: Awakening. Clarifying. Transforming.

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