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The Whitby Wyrm.

The Whitby Wyrm.

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The Whitby Wrym. This is an Alchemy Gothic necklace (made of pewter), depicting the legendary dragon, The Whitby Wyrm. 

SALE: We have reduced this to £16 from £22. We only have 3 left...

According to legend, a fearsome dragon who came to be known as The Whitby Wrym was disturbed during his slumber by the building of Whitby Abbey. He was so angry that he attempted to destroy the legendary Northern coastal town but was overcome by the power of good over evil and banished into the sea. It is said that he returns at full moon every seven years to attempt to drag the abbey into the sea by clawing away at the cliff on which it stands. He never succeeds, as the Abbey is a holy place but we must admit he is a very handsome dragon.

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