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Ametrine Crystal Bracelet

Ametrine Crystal Bracelet

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Ametrine Crystal Bracelet

This is a beautiful crystal that occurs when Amethyst and Citrine fuse together. Ametrine is the result of the process of oxidization affecting only certain parts of the crystal formation to form a simply stunning phenomenon. 

Ametrine is said to combine the strengths of Amethyst and Citrine, such as tranquillity, peace, creativity, and joy, with the ability to attract wealth.

This duality represents balance – the balance of feminine and masculine energies, balance in your personal and work life, and your light and dark emotions. Ametrine can help you focus your mind and will bring you clarity. Use this combination crystal for self-discovery and decision making, it will help you to see things from multiple perspectives.

The bracelet is strung on elastic to fit small or medium wrists.

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