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Afghan Cuff

Afghan Cuff

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AUTHENTIC AFGHAN WRIST CUFF: Many years ago, when the world was safer, a wonderful lady we knew used to go out to Afghanistan and source some fabulous authentic gold and silver traditional tribal jewellery (some of it set with carnelian or lapis lazuli). She used to sell them to establishments such as Liberty's in London and, astonishingly enough, to our little Guru Boutique, too. Guru's Beryl loved these pieces and found it hard to let them go when people purchased them, but obviously, she couldn't keep them all for herself. Nowadays, you can buy copies of these beautiful pieces on platforms such as Etsy for a fraction of the price of the real thing, but authenticity is best. If you agree, please check out the photos we have posted. Just before we closed the physical shop, we took these remaining treasures home, but obviously, we can't keep them all for Beryl to wear, so we have posted some photos on this site for you to see. Let us know if you want to own any of these pieces, and we'll try to prise them out of Gurus Beryl's hands.

Ideally, this cuff needs to be tried before you buy as, due to its thickness, it may only fit some relatively slim wrists.

This cuff was £150 but is now reduced to £75

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