Collection: Dreamcatchers, Suncatchers and Other Dangly Things.

Dreamcatchers, Suncatchers and Other Dangly Things. These include dreamcatchers, suncatchers, chimes, hangings, strings of bells, etc. 

Dreamcatchers: The dreamcatcher is a Native American artefact that is said to catch bad dreams on its web and let the good dreams through. It is often hung in bedrooms to comfort the occupant and aid sound sleep and sweet dreams. In this department, we have several examples for you to choose from.

Suncatchers: These look wonderful hanging in the garden.

Chimes: We have metal or bamboo chimes to make a soothing tinkling or mellow clacking sound when hung around the house and garden.

Hangings: Colourful, fair-traded hangings and strings of bells, birds, animals, etc., make great gifts for your friends or yourself. They often symbolise good luck, so they make an ideal new-home present.