Mexican Jerga top G B W

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Mexican Jerga tops are a traditional South American garment popular everywhere with all kinds of people including students, skateboarders and festival goers. They are warm and attractive and can be used right through the seasons… This one is offered in black and white, but other colours are available through this website!

Mexican Jerga top B W (or Baja top as this garment is sometimes called), is great for a festival, or college or casual wear. This garment is a practical hooded top made from a cotton acrylic blend which gives it a durable rustic exterior with a soft, cosy brush interior. Historically Jerga’a are associated with the culture of Hippies, surfers & skateboarders and one was worn by Jeff Bridge’s very cool character ‘The Dude’ in the iconic film The Big Lebowski. The cosy but loose weave of the fabric makes the jerga or baja top both breathable and warm and it is a firm favourite for festivalgoers and skateboarders. The tops are ideal for cool summer evenings and are available in big sizes so the wearer can pop it over multiple layers underneath for the winter months.
We recommend that you hand wash this item for long life expectancy. Slight colour variation will occur.
The Mexican Jerga top B W is a unisex garment.

Model: Jenny Cameron