Learning to Tie a Bow


Learning to Tie a Bow by Sarah Hampton

The events of 1939 change Julia’s life. Passions, loyalties and misunderstandings divert her down unexpected paths as she moves from childish innocence to adulthood against a backdrop of momentous political and social change. It is only in old age that she returns to her roots and discovers her true self. This is is a haunting tale of constancy against the odds in an unstable world. “It is evident from her writing that Sarah Hampton has led a full and adventurous life, and still does. That she is in her eighties makes the publication of her first novel an even more impressive achievement, and I applaud the fact that she is still pursuing her dreams and ambitions. Sarah Hampton is living proof of the joys of old age, writing and, most importantly, the research possibilities provided by a decent broadband Internet connection! I hope others will be inspired to emulate her.” Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and The Border.