Originating in the USA these amazing Wild Berry products are now available here in the UK.
Here at Guru Boutique, we LOVE Wild Berry incense, oils and candles and we think you will love them too: Premium incense sticks, cones and oils to delight you and awaken your senses. Wild Berry incense sticks are just a joy to burn. We love to see our customers get excited when they first get to sample these unbelievably evocative scents. Fizzy Pop, Dragon’s Blood, Fairy Dust, Cherry Vanilla to name just some of the top favourites, but we love them all. The oils and candles etc., are equally fabulous… These wonderful Wild Berry incense products are available in a variety of popular scents. Select from the range of single premium sticks we have on this site and don’t forget we have an even wider selection on offer in our physical shop in Darlington.