Perfumed oils, old burners etc:
Fragrant oils have been used since ancient times, they can be obtained in several popular brands and perfumes, to scent your home.
Delightful whether used in oil burners or to freshen up pot-pourri etc.Safety guidelines when using oil burners. Never leave a lighted candle unattended or go to sleep with your oil burner candle lit.
Always use an UNSCENTED t-light in your burner. Fill burner bowl almost to the brim with preferably warm water, add a few drops of perfumed burning oil. Light t-light and enjoy the aroma. Once the water is warm, after about 15 minutes extinguish the t-light for safety reasons, and the scent will continue to give off perfume until the water is cool again. Never let your oil burner burn dry, as that may crack the bowl.