We are proud to stock candles by the wonderful Moorlands Candles.
We’ve taken the owner and candlemaker in chief, Ted Thompson for granted for far too long, over forty years to be honest as that is how long we have been buying candles from him. Anyway, we think it is time to sing the praises of the lovely man who we buy a lot of our candles from. His workshop is in Alston. He and friends spend their time there, hand dipping beautiful candles for stockists all over the world to offer to their customers. THANK YOU, Ted Thompson. Here’s to the next forty years of having the pleasure of knowing you and trading with you. Below are some pics of his candles (including the beeswax ones) and examples of Ted’s achievements. His flares lit Glastonbury Tor on Millennium night, as can be seen in the video I posted on in the heading to this category. Moorlands also supplied the candles which illuminate the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, They provided double wick candles for films such as Mr Turner and Mr Holmes, and TV productions of Jeckel and Hyde, Dickensian and Victoriana. To name drop some more, Ted’s firm supplied candles for Harry Potter films and also to The Globe Theatre… How cool is that!!! This firm makes the highest quality candles including Beeswax candles in several forms. We also carry coloured candles in various glorious shades including our best selling black or rainbow variations.
We also stock interesting candles from other quality wholesalers.