Guru Boutique and Darlington branded merchandise:
These are some of our own branded gifts and publications…
One of the main designs we use is one created by Glenn Wigham – we think Glenn has captured exactly what is behind the Guru mask.
Extract from The Northern Echo (12/01/2016).
Glenn Wigham’s colourful and controversial design came out top in a competition run by the town’s alternative haven, Guru Boutique. The judges decided that Guru’s rich history, hippy culture was expressed perfectly in Mr Wigham’s punk stylings and provocative statement on colonialism that impressed independent judges the most. His design incorporated the union flag with Mayan imagery and bold political slogans. He said: “I’ve made politically-infused garments before but nothing on this level. The t-shirt came about after I visited the British Museum and saw first-hand how they keep pieces of cultural history sealed behind glass. Museums that claim ownership over objects taken from other cultures through colonialism is wrong, so I painted my feelings about this onto my competition entry.” “My piece also celebrates the rich colours and patterns that come from the Americas – I think it’s more important than ever to preserve the traditions and cultures we have left.”
Ms Hankin said: “Glenn has turned a humble t-shirt into a valid work of art with a striking and relevant design which also expresses his personal convictions. “That is what art is all about and we Gurus are very impressed”

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