GREETINGS CARDS: For our extensive range of fabulous greetings cards please go to GURU CARDS…

We use the smaller and more quirky card companies to ensure things are always fresh and interesting.
There are just too many of them to show here so we have constructed a dedicated greetings card website for you to browse to your heart’s content. Access ALL our fantastic ranges by clicking the link above!

SOCIAL STATIONERY: In addition to cards, we also sell social stationery, beautiful journals (some bound in leather), etc.

BOOKS; Currently in stock are a good variety of books, including Peter Barron’s ‘Monstrous Morals’ series for children.
We also have publications of our own on sale too, the main ones being a local history book we compiled and published entitled ‘That Darlington Way: (The spirit of old High Row)’ and our collection of spooky short stories connected with the premises we occupy, ‘The Secrets of 24 Blackwellgate’ (the cover of which was illustrated by the wonderful Paul Magrs).

If you wish to browse our card selection, click here to visit GuruCards.