Collection: Incense, Ash Catchers, etc.

Incense, Ash Catchers, etc.

We stock a great range of incense sticks and cones at attractive prices. We also sell Sage and Palo Santo (sacred wood), plus incense holders, cone burners, charcoal discs, candles and other interesting incense-related gifts on our site. You can purchase our incense in bulk boxes containing twelve individual packets to save money OR buy assortments of six different scents to try sticks in aromas you may not be familiar with to see how much you like them. If you scroll right to the end of our pages dealing with incense and incense-related items, you'll discover the famous ORIGINAL SATYA NAG CHAMPA in its familiar blue packaging at a very good price...

WARNING: Never leave burning incense unattended. Not for sale to children under 18 years.